Overwatch Trivia Quiz – 10 Questions And Answers (Multiple Choice)

Are you a true Overwatch fan? Do you think you know everything there is to know about this popular video game?

Put your knowledge to the test with our Overwatch Trivia Quiz, featuring 10 multiple-choice questions that will challenge even the most dedicated players!

From heroes to maps, and abilities to lore, our quiz covers a wide range of topics to keep you on your toes. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned veteran, there’s something here for everyone.

So gather your friends, grab your favorite hero, and dive into the world of Overwatch trivia. Can you emerge victorious, or will you need a Mercy rez?

Good luck, heroes!

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  1. What is the name of the organization that was formed to combat the Omnic Crisis?
    • Blackwatch
    • Null Sector
    • Overwatch
    • Talon
    The correct answer is Overwatch.
    Overwatch was an international task force created to restore peace during the Omnic Crisis.
  2. Which hero is a time-jumping adventurer?
    • Widowmaker
    • D.Va
    • Reaper
    • Tracer
    The correct answer is Tracer.
    Tracer’s abilities allow her to blink through space and rewind time, making her a difficult target to hit.
  3. Which hero is a genetically engineered gorilla?
    • Orisa
    • Reinhardt
    • Winston
    • Roadhog
    The correct answer is Winston.
    Winston is a super-intelligent, genetically engineered gorilla who was a member of Overwatch.
  4. Which map is located in Australia?
    • Junkertown
    • Dorado
    • King’s Row
    • Ilios
    The correct answer is Junkertown.
    Junkertown is a post-apocalyptic Australian town that is home to Junkrat and Roadhog.

  1. What is the name of the healer who uses sound to heal and damage enemies?
    • Mercy
    • Ana
    • Zenyatta
    • Lúcio
    The correct answer is Lúcio.
    Lúcio is a support hero who uses his Sonic Amplifier to heal teammates or boost their speed.
  2. Which hero is a former professional gamer from South Korea?
    • Mei
    • Sombra
    • Zarya
    • D.Va
    The correct answer is D.Va.
    D.Va is a former professional gamer who now pilots a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her country.
  3. Which hero was the first to be added to the game after its initial release?
    • Ana
    • Doomfist
    • Orisa
    • Sombra
    The correct answer is Ana.
    Ana, a support sniper, was the first hero to be added to Overwatch after its release.
  4. What is the name of the annual Halloween event in Overwatch?
    • Halloween Terror
    • Lunar New Year
    • Summer Games
    • Winter Wonderland
    The correct answer is Halloween Terror.
    Halloween Terror is an annual event in Overwatch that features Halloween-themed skins, emotes, and a special game mode.
  5. Which hero is a former member of the Deadlock Gang?
    • Bastion
    • Torbjörn
    • Ashe
    • McCree
    The correct answer is Ashe.
    Ashe is a damage hero and the leader of the Deadlock Gang, a group of thieves and criminals.
  6. Which map is set in a research facility in Antarctica?
    • Ecopoint: Antarctica
    • Horizon Lunar Colony
    • Temple of Anubis
    • Nepal
    The correct answer is Ecopoint: Antarctica.
    Ecopoint: Antarctica is a research facility where Mei and her team were stationed to study climate change.
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