Mass Effect 2 Quiz – 15 Trivia Questions And Answers

Are you ready to test your knowledge of one of the most iconic video games in history? Gear up, Commander, as we embark on a journey through the Mass Effect 2 universe with this engaging trivia quiz!

This quiz features 15 challenging questions that will truly test your expertise on the game’s characters, storyline, and gameplay elements. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Mass Effect series, this quiz is sure to bring back fond memories and perhaps even teach you something new.

As you navigate through the questions, you may find yourself reminiscing about the epic battles, intriguing plot twists, and memorable moments that made Mass Effect 2 a beloved classic. So, gather your squad and prepare to put your knowledge to the test, as we dive into the vast galaxy of Mass Effect 2 trivia.

Good luck, and remember: “We are travelers, constantly moving forward. And looking back.”

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  1. What is the name of the Commander’s ship in Mass Effect 2?
    • Sovereign
    • Normandy SR-2
    • Destiny Ascension
    • Tempest
    The correct answer is Normandy SR-2.
    The Normandy SR-2 is an advanced stealth reconnaissance frigate given to Commander Shepard by Cerberus to aid in their mission against the Collectors.
  2. What race is Thane Krios, the assassin in Mass Effect 2?
    • Asari
    • Drell
    • Salarian
    • Turian
    The correct answer is Drell.
    Thane Krios is a drell assassin, a member of a reptile-like race that was rescued by the hanar from their dying homeworld.
  3. Who is the leader of the Blue Suns mercenary group in Mass Effect 2?
    • Vido Santiago
    • Gavorn
    • Aria T’Loak
    • Elias Kelham
    The correct answer is Vido Santiago.
    Vido Santiago is the founder and leader of the Blue Suns, a ruthless mercenary organization operating in the Terminus Systems.
  4. What is the name of the biotic ability that allows Shepard to create a small black hole?
    • Pull
    • Warp
    • Singularity
    • Reave
    The correct answer is Singularity.
    Singularity is a biotic ability that creates a small black hole, drawing enemies and objects towards it and causing damage over time.
  5. What is the name of the AI that runs the Normandy SR-2?
    • Mordin
    • EDI
    • Miranda
    • Joker
    The correct answer is EDI.
    EDI, or Enhanced Defense Intelligence, is an advanced AI that assists the crew of the Normandy SR-2 in various tasks and functions.
  6. What is the name of the Krogan homeworld in Mass Effect 2?
    • Palaven
    • Illium
    • Tuchanka
    • Thessia
    The correct answer is Tuchanka.
    Tuchanka is the harsh and brutal homeworld of the krogan, a race of powerful warriors known for their resilience and strength.
  7. Which character is a former member of the Quarian Migrant Fleet’s Admiralty Board?
    • Garrus Vakarian
    • Liara T’Soni
    • Tali’Zorah
    • Urdnot Wrex
    The correct answer is Tali’Zorah.
    Tali’Zorah is a quarian engineer who was once a member of the Migrant Fleet’s Admiralty Board, the ruling council of the quarian people.
  8. What is the name of the massive space station that serves as the hub of galactic civilization?
    • Illium
    • Citadel
    • Noveria
    • Omega
    The correct answer is Citadel.
    The Citadel is a massive space station that serves as the hub of galactic civilization, housing the embassies of various races and the headquarters of the Council.
  9. What is the name of the human supremacist organization in Mass Effect 2?
    • Cerberus
    • Eclipse
    • Blood Pack
    • Blue Suns
    The correct answer is Cerberus.
    Cerberus is a human supremacist organization led by the Illusive Man, who seeks to advance humanity’s interests at any cost.

  1. Which character is a Salarian scientist and a member of Shepard’s team in Mass Effect 2?
    • Thane Krios
    • Grunt
    • Mordin Solus
    • Jack
    The correct answer is Mordin Solus.
    Mordin Solus is a salarian scientist and a member of Shepard’s team, known for his expertise in biology and medicine.
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  1. What is the name of the insect-like race that is the main antagonist in Mass Effect 2?
    • Protheans
    • Reapers
    • Geth
    • Collectors
    The correct answer is Collectors.
    The Collectors are an insect-like race that serves as the main antagonist in Mass Effect 2, abducting entire human colonies for unknown purposes.
  2. Which character is an Asari Justicar and a member of Shepard’s team in Mass Effect 2?
    • Zaeed Massani
    • Samara
    • Jacob Taylor
    • Miranda Lawson
    The correct answer is Samara.
    Samara is an asari justicar, a member of an ancient order of warriors who adhere to a strict code of justice and honor.
  3. What is the name of the prison ship from which Shepard recruits Jack in Mass Effect 2?
    • Cerberus
    • Bastion
    • Firebase
    • Purgatory
    The correct answer is Purgatory.
    The Purgatory is a prison ship run by the Blue Suns mercenary group, where Shepard recruits the powerful biotic known as Jack.
  4. Which character is a Turian vigilante and a member of Shepard’s team in Mass Effect 2?
    • Garrus Vakarian
    • Thane Krios
    • Grunt
    • Legion
    The correct answer is Garrus Vakarian.
    Garrus Vakarian is a turian vigilante and a member of Shepard’s team, known for his exceptional marksmanship and tactical skills.
  5. What is the name of the ancient race whose technology plays a central role in the Mass Effect series?
    • Reapers
    • Collectors
    • Protheans
    • Leviathans
    The correct answer is Protheans.
    The Protheans are an ancient race whose advanced technology plays a central role in the Mass Effect series, particularly the mass relays and the Citadel.
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