40 Question General Knowledge Quiz With Answers For Adults

Are you ready to test your general knowledge? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place! Here, you can challenge yourself with a 40-question quiz about a variety of topics. From English language to history and geography, you’ll be able to test your knowledge and see how much you know about the world around you.

This quiz is for adults, so the questions may be a bit tricky. Some questions will be easier than others, but don’t worry – you’ll be able to answer them all. You can use the internet to help you find the answers, or you can ask your friends and family. Either way, it’s sure to be an enjoyable and informative experience.

So, let’s get started! Put on your thinking cap and get ready to answer some questions. You may be surprised at how much you know. Good luck!

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  1. Which is the correct spelling?
    • nrthstn
    • northereastern
    • northeastern
    • northestarn
    Northeastern is the correct spelling.
    Northeastern is the spelling of the word that refers to the region of the United States located in the upper-right corner of the country.
  2. Complete the name of the movie “The Hunger ______”?
    • Angry Men
    • Locker
    • Baby
    • In The Air
    The correct answer is “Locker” making the movie “The Hurt Locker”.
    The Hurt Locker is a movie about a bomb disposal unit in Iraq during the Iraq War.
  3. Can you solve the word “_r_c_i_n” with missing letters?
    • compound
    • printed
    • fraction
    • shoulder
    The correct answer is fraction.
    Fraction is a mathematical concept that describes a part of a whole, where the whole is divided into equal parts.
  4. _______ Gogol – well known author?
    • Nikolai Gogol
    • Dan Brown
    • Nathaniel Hawthorne
    • Friedrich Nietzsche
    This correct answer is Nikolai Gogol.
    He was a Russian author who wrote numerous works of literature, including short stories, plays, and novels. He is best known for his short story “The Overcoat” and his novel “Dead Souls”.

  1. Can you solve the word “o___ct_v_” with missing letters?
    • optic
    • osteology
    • objective
    • obscenity
    The correct answer is objective.
    Objective means having a goal or purpose that is unbiased and unprejudiced.
  2. The famous wine growing region called the “Finger Lakes” is in which country?
    • United States
    • Brazil
    • Spain
    • Colombia
    The correct answer is United States. Did you get it right?
    The Finger Lakes is a region in upstate New York, USA, known for its vineyards, wineries, and stunning natural beauty.
  3. The classic song “Mr. Tambourine Man” was by which artist?
    • Teenage Fanclub
    • Freddie Mercury
    • Bob Dylan
    • Nirvana
    The answer is Bob Dylan.
    Bob Dylan is an iconic American singer-songwriter who released the classic song “Mr. Tambourine Man” in 1965 as part of his fifth studio album, “Bringing It All Back Home.”
  4. Lexan is a brand name for a type of which polymer?
    • Polycarbonate
    • High-density Polyethylene
    • Polyvinyl Chloride
    • Synthetic Rubber
    The correct answer is Polycarbonate.
    Lexan is a brand name for a type of high-performance polymer known as polycarbonate, which is known for its strength, durability, and heat resistance.
  5. Nihtiw is the reverse spelling of which word?
    • flowers
    • moment
    • within
    • finally
    The correct answer is within. Did you get it right?
    Nihtiw is the reversed spelling of the word “within”, which refers to a particular location or time frame.
  6. Seoul is the capital of?
    • South Korea
    • North Korea
    • China
    • Japan
    The correct answer is “South Korea”.
    Seoul is the largest city and the national capital of South Korea, a country located in East Asia.
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  1. Chester Bennington is the lead singer of which succesful band?
    • Depeche Mode
    • Linkin Park
    • Arctic Monkeys
    • Queen
    The correct answer is Linkin Park.
    Chester Bennington is the lead singer of the successful rock band, Linkin Park, known for their unique blend of rock, metal, and hip-hop influences.
  2. The city of Woking is in which English county?
    • Devon
    • West Yorkshire
    • Cambridgeshire
    • Surrey
    The correct answer is Surrey.
    Woking is a town located in the county of Surrey in England. It is bordered by the counties of Hampshire and Berkshire to the south and west, respectively.
  3. Name a 2013 movie starring Mel Gibson?
    • Machete Kills
    • Chef
    • Glory
    • The Cable Guy
    The correct answer is “Machete Kills”.
    Machete Kills is a 2013 action-comedy film starring Mel Gibson as a ruthless arms dealer.
  4. “coagulate” is an anagram of which word?
    • catalogue
    • prologue
    • dialogue
    • monologue
    The correct answer is “catalogue”.
    Coagulate is an anagram of the word catalogue, which is a list of items or objects that are organized in a systematic way.

  1. Hyakutake is a named celestial object of what sort?
    • Comet
    • Asteroid
    • Constellation
    • Galaxy
    The correct answer is Comet.
    Hyakutake is a comet, a celestial object composed of ice, dust and rock that orbits around the sun.
  2. Which currency is used in Malaysia?
    • Euro
    • Ringgit
    • Kuna
    • Won
    The correct answer is Malaysian Ringgit.
    Malaysian Ringgit is the official currency used in Malaysia, which is divided into 100 sen.
  3. In which year was the movie “Red Rock West” starring Nicolas Cage released?
    • 1979
    • 1983
    • 1993
    • 2007
    The correct answer is 1993.
    Red Rock West was a crime thriller released in 1993, starring Nicolas Cage as an ex-convict mistaken for a hitman.
  4. Which one of the following words is a noun?
    • strap
    • shiny
    • topic
    • riser
    Shiny is the noun.
    Shiny is a word used to describe something that has a bright, reflective surface.
  5. In what year did Boris Yeltsin become the first President of the Russian Federation on July 10th?
    • 1987
    • 1991
    • 1982
    • 1984
    The correct answer is 1991.
    Boris Yeltsin was elected as the first President of the Russian Federation on July 10th, 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
  1. Which region does pad thai originate from?
    • Middle East
    • Thailand
    • India
    • Iceland
    The correct answer is Thailand.
    Pad Thai is a traditional dish of Thailand that has been enjoyed by locals for centuries. It is a combination of stir-fried rice noodles, meat, eggs, and spices.
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  1. Who released the 70’s album entitled Trans-Europe Express
    • Kinks
    • The Police
    • Kraftwerk
    • Genesis
    The correct answer is “Kraftwerk”.
    Kraftwerk, a German electronic music band, released the 70’s album entitled Trans-Europe Express. It is considered a pioneering and influential album in the genre of electronic music.
  2. The city of Peterborough is in which English county?
    • Greater London
    • Cambridgeshire
    • Greater Manchester
    • West Midlands
    The correct answer is Cambridgeshire.
    Cambridgeshire is a county located in eastern England, which is home to the city of Peterborough.
  3. In what year was National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 released?
    • 1984
    • 1972
    • 1993
    • 1985
    The correct answer is 1993.
    National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 was released in 1993, the first installment in the National Lampoon’s series of films.
  4. Which is the correct spelling?
    • intercontinentl
    • intercontinential
    • interkontinental
    • intercontinental
    Intercontinental is the correct spelling.
    Intercontinental is spelled with a capital “I” and two “c”s, indicating that the word is an adjective referring to something that spans multiple continents.

  1. The Stephen Spielberg movie “The Color Purple” was released in what year?
    • 1964
    • 1977
    • 1985
    • 1991
    The correct answer is 1985.
    The Color Purple, a movie directed by Stephen Spielberg, was released in 1985, becoming a commercial and critical success.
  2. The U.S. state of Tennessee is abbreviated to which two letters?
    • HI
    • TN
    • SD
    • ID
    The correct abbreviation is “TN”.
    Tennessee is abbreviated to TN as this is the standard two-letter abbreviation for the state, as established by the United States Postal Service.
  3. The city of Delhi is located in which continent?
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • North America
    • South America
    The correct answer is Asia. Did you get it right?
    Delhi is the capital of India and is located in the continent of Asia, which is the world’s largest and most populous continent.
  4. The Echo 1 satellite was launched in what year?
    • 1973
    • 1960
    • 1962
    • 1972
    The correct answer is 1960.
    The Echo 1 satellite was the first passive communications satellite launched in 1960 by the United States. It was used to reflect radio signals, allowing for global communication.
  5. In London when was the first cricket match held at Lords?
    • 1814
    • 1805
    • 1804
    • 1822
    The correct answer is “1814”.
    The first cricket match held at Lords cricket ground in London was in 1814, marking the start of the iconic venue’s long history of hosting cricket matches.
  6. The chemical symbol of the element Neodymium is?
    • Nd
    • Ho
    • Bh
    • Es
    The correct answer is “Nd”.
    Neodymium is a chemical element represented by the symbol Nd, with an atomic number of 60 and an atomic mass of 144.
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  1. Can you solve the word “s_a_e” with missing letters?
    • sergeant
    • shape
    • seldom
    • sevens
    The correct answer is shape.
    The missing letters in the word s_a_e spell out the word “shape,” which refers to a two-dimensional area or object that has a particular form or outline.
  2. How many copies of Snoops album “Doggystyle” have been sold?
    • 12million
    • 8million
    • 18million
    • 10million
    The correct answer is “18million”.
    This number reflects the total number of copies of Snoop Dogg’s debut album, “Doggystyle,” that have been sold worldwide since its release in 1993.
  3. The famous wine growing region called the “Maipo Valley” is in which country?
    • France
    • Cambodia
    • Bolivia
    • Chile
    The correct answer is Chile. Did you get it right?
    The Maipo Valley is a renowned wine-producing region located in the country of Chile, which is known for its vineyards and excellent wines.
  4. Rednow is the reverse spelling of which word?
    • plains
    • radio
    • wonder
    • become
    The correct answer is wonder. Did you get it right?
    Wonder is an emotion of awe and admiration, often experienced when witnessing something extraordinary or beautiful.

  1. Seckel is a variety of which produce?
    • Potato
    • Melon
    • Berry
    • Pear
    The correct answer is Pear.
    Seckel is a type of pear that is small in size and has a sweet flavor.
  2. In which year was the movie “Jumanji” starring Robin Williams released?
    • 1997
    • 1995
    • 1993
    • 1991
    The correct answer is 1995.
    The movie Jumanji, starring Robin Williams, was released in 1995. It was one of the highest-grossing films of the year and has since become a classic.
  3. Can you solve the word “s_r__” with missing letters?
    • shabby
    • serviced
    • selves
    • serve
    The correct answer is serve.
    The missing letters are “e” and “v”, which together form the word “serve”. This verb means to provide or perform a service, or to supply something for someone’s use.
  4. Ytlanep is the reverse spelling of which word?
    • almost
    • ocean
    • penalty
    • father
    The correct answer is penalty. Did you get it right?
    Ytlanep is a reverse spelling of the word penalty, which is a punishment or consequence for breaking a law or rule.
  5. Which of the following is to communicate with words or speech?
    • Exactly
    • No
    • Yes
    • Speak
    The correct answer is “speak”.
    Speaking is the use of words or language to communicate with others.
  1. Which one of the following words is a noun?
    • timorous
    • enemy
    • behavior
    • strawman
    Timorous is the noun.
    Timorous is an adjective that describes a feeling of fear or anxiety.
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