John D. Rockefeller Trivia Quiz – 10 Questions And Answers

John D. Rockefeller, the renowned industrialist and philanthropist, played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the oil industry and amassing an unprecedented fortune.

In this quiz, we’ll delve into the fascinating journey of John D. Rockefeller, from his humble beginnings to his rise as the richest person in modern history. We’ll uncover his business strategies, philanthropic endeavors, and the lasting impact he had on the world.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply intrigued by the lives of extraordinary individuals, this trivia quiz will provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of John D. Rockefeller. So, sharpen your mind, get ready to uncover the secrets of one of history’s most influential tycoons, and let’s begin the journey!

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  1. What industry did John D. Rockefeller dominate in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
    • Railroad
    • Oil
    • Steel
    • Banking
    The correct answer is Oil.
    John D. Rockefeller was the founder of the Standard Oil Company, which dominated the oil industry in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  2. In what year was the Standard Oil Company founded?
    • 1870
    • 1863
    • 1880
    • 1890
    The correct answer is 1870.
    John D. Rockefeller and his partners founded the Standard Oil Company in 1870, which would go on to become one of the largest and most profitable companies in American history.
  3. What was the name of the Supreme Court case that resulted in the breakup of Standard Oil?
    • United States v. United Shoe Machinery Co.
    • United States v. E. C. Knight Co.
    • Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States
    • United States v. American Tobacco Company
    The correct answer is Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States.
    In 1911, the Supreme Court ruled in Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey v. United States that Standard Oil had violated the Sherman Antitrust Act and ordered the company to be broken up into smaller, competing companies.
  4. What philanthropic organization did Rockefeller establish in 1913?
    • Ford Foundation
    • Rockefeller Foundation
    • Carnegie Foundation
    • Gates Foundation
    The correct answer is Rockefeller Foundation.
    John D. Rockefeller created the Rockefeller Foundation in 1913 to promote the well-being of humanity through scientific, educational, and public health initiatives.

  1. Which university did John D. Rockefeller help to establish?
    • Harvard University
    • University of Chicago
    • Yale University
    • Columbia University
    The correct answer is University of Chicago.
    John D. Rockefeller provided significant financial support to establish the University of Chicago, which was founded in 1890.
  2. What was the name of John D. Rockefeller’s estate in New York?
    • Kykuit
    • Biltmore
    • Mar-a-Lago
    • The Breakers
    The correct answer is Kykuit.
    John D. Rockefeller’s estate, Kykuit, is located in Pocantico Hills, New York, and is now a historic site open to the public.
  3. Which of John D. Rockefeller’s children continued his philanthropic work and became a prominent philanthropist in his own right?
    • William Rockefeller
    • Elizabeth Rockefeller Strong
    • John D. Rockefeller Jr.
    • Edith Rockefeller McCormick
    The correct answer is John D. Rockefeller Jr.
    John D. Rockefeller Jr. continued his father’s philanthropic work, contributing to the development of national parks, education, and public health initiatives.
  4. In which state was John D. Rockefeller born?
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Ohio
    • Pennsylvania
    The correct answer is New York.
    John D. Rockefeller was born on July 8, 1839, in Richford, New York.
  5. What was the name of the book written by Ida Tarbell that criticized John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company?
    • The Oil Baron: John D. Rockefeller
    • The Rise and Fall of Standard Oil
    • The Gilded Age: A Tale of Corruption and Greed
    • The History of the Standard Oil Company
    The correct answer is The History of the Standard Oil Company.
    Ida Tarbell’s 1904 book, The History of the Standard Oil Company, exposed the unethical business practices of John D. Rockefeller and his company, contributing to public demand for the breakup of Standard Oil.
  6. Which of the following companies was NOT one of the “Baby Standards” created from the breakup of Standard Oil?
    • Exxon
    • Mobil
    • Chevron
    • Shell
    The correct answer is Shell.
    Several of the “Baby Standards” created from the breakup of Standard Oil include Exxon, Chevron, and Mobil. Shell was not part of Standard Oil and is a separate company with origins in Europe.
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