15 Questions And Answers Batman: Arkham City Trivia Quiz

Are you a fan of the legendary Batman: Arkham City video game? Do you think you know everything there is to know about this iconic game? Well, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with our 15 Questions and Answers Batman: Arkham City Classic Video Game Trivia Quiz!

This quiz will challenge your knowledge of the game’s story, characters, and gameplay. From the depths of Arkham City to the skies above Gotham, we’ll test your memory of every corner of this fascinating world. So, prepare to dive back into the dark and gritty universe of Batman: Arkham City.

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a die-hard fan, our quiz is designed to entertain and challenge you. You’ll be asked questions about the game’s development, its creators, and the incredible voice acting that brought these characters to life. So, get ready to don your cape and cowl as you take on this ultimate trivia challenge.

Remember, this quiz is all about fun and testing your knowledge. So, don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers. The important thing is to enjoy yourself and maybe learn something new about your favorite game along the way.

So, are you ready to prove your Batman: Arkham City expertise? Let’s get started and see if you have what it takes to be the ultimate Arkham City trivia master! Good luck, and may the Bat-Signal guide you to victory.

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  1. Who is the main antagonist in Batman: Arkham City?
    • Hugo Strange
    • Riddler
    • Two-Face
    • Joker
    The correct answer is Hugo Strange.
    Hugo Strange is the main antagonist, as he is the mastermind behind the Arkham City project and the one responsible for trapping Batman inside.
  2. What is the name of the prison complex in Batman: Arkham City?
    • Blackgate Prison
    • Iron Heights Penitentiary
    • Gotham City Penitentiary
    • Arkham City
    The correct answer is Arkham City.
    Arkham City is a super-prison built in the heart of Gotham City, housing all of Gotham’s criminals.
  3. What is the name of the gadget that allows Batman to hack into devices and remotely control them?
    • Cryptographic Sequencer
    • Remote Electrical Charge
    • Batclaw
    • Line Launcher
    The correct answer is Cryptographic Sequencer.
    The Cryptographic Sequencer is a versatile gadget that allows Batman to hack into devices, remotely control them, and solve puzzles.
  4. Which character is not a part of the Gotham City Sirens?
    • Harley Quinn
    • Talia al Ghul
    • Poison Ivy
    • Catwoman
    The correct answer is Talia al Ghul.
    The Gotham City Sirens are a group of female villains consisting of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. Talia al Ghul is not a member of the group.
  5. What is the name of the side mission involving the assassin Deadshot?
    • Watcher in the Wings
    • Shot in the Dark
    • Identity Theft
    • Cold Call Killer
    The correct answer is Shot in the Dark.
    In this side mission, Batman must track down Deadshot and stop him from assassinating various targets throughout Arkham City.
  6. Who is the character that helps Batman throughout the game by providing information and assistance?
    • Oracle
    • Alfred Pennyworth
    • Commissioner Gordon
    • Lucius Fox
    The correct answer is Oracle.
    Oracle, aka Barbara Gordon, is Batman’s primary source of information and assistance throughout the game.
  7. Which villain does Batman team up with to track down the Joker?
    • Riddler
    • Penguin
    • Two-Face
    • Catwoman
    The correct answer is Catwoman.
    Batman and Catwoman team up to track down the Joker and uncover his plans in Arkham City.
  8. What is the name of the disease that affects both Batman and the Joker in the game?
    • Fear Toxin
    • Joker Toxin
    • Titan Disease
    • Clayface Disease
    The correct answer is Titan Disease.
    Titan Disease is a deadly illness caused by the Titan formula, which both Batman and the Joker are infected with during the events of the game.
  9. Who is the secret identity of the villain Hush?
    • Thomas Elliot
    • Harvey Dent
    • Edward Nygma
    • Oswald Cobblepot
    The correct answer is Thomas Elliot.
    Thomas Elliot, a former friend of Bruce Wayne, is the secret identity of the villain Hush.

  1. Which character is responsible for the creation of Arkham City?
    • Joker
    • Hugo Strange
    • Quincy Sharp
    • Ra’s al Ghul
    The correct answer is Quincy Sharp.
    Quincy Sharp, the former warden of Arkham Asylum, is responsible for the creation of Arkham City after becoming Mayor of Gotham.
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  1. What is the name of the group of assassins led by Ra’s al Ghul?
    • Court of Owls
    • Suicide Squad
    • League of Assassins
    • Black Glove
    The correct answer is League of Assassins.
    The League of Assassins is a group of highly skilled killers led by Ra’s al Ghul, who serve as one of the main antagonistic forces in the game.
  2. Which villain does Batman encounter in the Iceberg Lounge?
    • Two-Face
    • Mr. Freeze
    • Penguin
    • Black Mask
    The correct answer is Penguin.
    Batman encounters the Penguin in the Iceberg Lounge, which serves as his base of operations in Arkham City.
  3. What is the name of the side mission involving the serial killer Victor Zsasz?
    • Shot in the Dark
    • Watcher in the Wings
    • Identity Theft
    • Cold Call Killer
    The correct answer is Cold Call Killer.
    In this side mission, Batman must track down Victor Zsasz and stop him from killing innocent people throughout Arkham City.
  4. Which character is not a playable character in the game’s challenge maps?
    • Nightwing
    • Catwoman
    • Robin
    • Commissioner Gordon
    The correct answer is Commissioner Gordon.
    Playable characters in the challenge maps include Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman. Commissioner Gordon is not a playable character.
  5. What is the name of the final main story mission in Batman: Arkham City?
    • Heart of Ice
    • The Last Laugh
    • Protocol 10
    • Breaking the Ice
    The correct answer is Protocol 10.
    Protocol 10 is the final main story mission in the game, where Batman must confront Hugo Strange and stop his plan to eradicate the criminals in Arkham City.
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