15 Interesting Trivia Questions With Answers (Multiple Choice)

Are you looking for a way to test your knowledge and have some fun? Look no further! Here you can find 15 interesting trivia questions with multiple-choice answers. We have carefully curated questions from a variety of categories, so you can test your general knowledge, as well as your knowledge of history, science, and more.

These questions are perfect for a family game night, a friendly competition, or a trivia night at your local pub. The difficulty of the quiz is medium, so you’ll have to think a bit to come up with the right answer. But don’t worry, if you get stuck, you can always get help from your friends or family.

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  1. The 1970’s classic movie “Love Story” starred which Hollywood A-list star?
    • Ryan O’Neal
    • Peter Sellers
    • George Segal
    • Robin Williams
    The correct answer is Ryan O’Neal.
    Ryan O’Neal was a Hollywood A-list star in the 1970s, known for his roles in films such as Love Story, Paper Moon, and What’s Up, Doc?.
  2. In which year was the movie “The Last Duel” starring Matt Damon released?
    • 2018
    • 2016
    • 2022
    • 2021
    The correct answer is 2021.
    The Last Duel, starring Matt Damon, was released in 2021.
  3. What does the acronym ISBN mean?
    • International Standard Book Number
    • International Standard Board Number
    • International Standard Booking Number
    • International Standard Base Number
    The correct answer is “International Standard Book Number”.
    ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, which is a unique 13-digit code that identifies books and other publications for commercial and cataloguing purposes.
  4. In what country is the city of Tianjin located?
    • Austria
    • Bulgaria
    • Bahrain
    • China
    The correct answer is China.
    Tianjin is a major port city in northern China, located on the coast of the Bohai Sea.
  5. The city of Prague is located in which continent?
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • North America
    • Europe
    The correct answer is Europe. Did you get it right?
    Yes, Prague is located in the continent of Europe, which is located in the Northern Hemisphere.
  6. Popular band Coldplay released their studio album “X&Y” in what year?
    • 2009
    • 2000
    • 2023
    • 2005
    The correct answer is 2005.
    Coldplay released their third studio album, X&Y, in June 2005, which went on to become one of the best-selling albums of the year.
  7. Name a 2021 movie starring Robert Downey Jr?
    • Bandits
    • Rules Don’t Apply
    • Apollo 13
    • All-Star Weekend
    The correct answer is “All-Star Weekend”.
    All-Star Weekend is a 2021 comedy film starring Robert Downey Jr. as a former NBA All-Star who reunites with his old basketball buddies for a wild weekend of activities.
  8. Big Boy is a variety of which produce?
    • Apple
    • Melon
    • Berry
    • Tomato
    The correct answer is Tomato.
    Big Boy is a variety of tomato that is large, juicy, and sweet. It is a popular choice for fresh eating and salads.
  9. Who won the 2013 Oscar for Best Actor?
    • Daniel Radcliffe
    • Tom Cruise
    • Daniel Day Lewis
    • Daniel Craig
    The correct answer is “Daniel Day Lewis”.
    Daniel Day Lewis won the 2013 Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in the movie ‘Lincoln’.

  1. In the sport of fishing (or angling) a curved piece of metal or plastic used to catch fish by piercing their mouth or body is termed as what?
    • Hook
    • Crankbait
    • Leader
    • Swivel
    The correct answer is “Hook”.
    A hook is a tool used in fishing that is shaped like a curved piece of metal or plastic and designed to penetrate the mouth or body of a fish, allowing it to be caught.
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  1. Who released the 70’s album entitled All Mod Cons
    • Van Halen
    • Slade
    • Fleetwood Mac
    • The Jam
    The correct answer is “The Jam”.
    The Jam was an English punk rock/new wave band active in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They released their third studio album, All Mod Cons, in 1978.
  2. Pogonophobia is a fear of?
    • birds
    • jumping
    • body hair
    • beards
    The correct answer is “beards”.
    Pogonophobia is an irrational fear of facial hair, specifically beards, which can cause extreme anxiety in those who suffer from it.
  3. How long would it take to hard-boil an ostrich egg?
    • 25 minutes
    • 40 minutes
    • 180 minutes
    • 90 minutes
    The correct answer is “40 minutes”.
    An ostrich egg is much larger than a regular chicken egg, so it takes longer to hard-boil – approximately 40 minutes – to ensure the egg is cooked through.
  4. Talented actor Sean Penn won a Best Actor Academy award in the 2003 movie “Mystic River” for playing which character?
    • Lester Burnham
    • Lee Chandler
    • Truman Capote
    • Jimmy Markum
    The correct answer is Jimmy Markum.
    Sean Penn won the Best Actor Academy Award for his powerful performance as Jimmy Markum, a grieving father in the 2003 movie Mystic River.
  5. What is the smallest ocean in the world?
    • The India
    • The Pacific
    • The Atlantic
    • The Arctic
    The correct answer is “The Arctic”.
    The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean in the world, covering an area of 5.4 million square miles.
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