30 Mixed General Knowledge Family Quiz Questions With Answers

Famous People, Geography, Science

Are you ready for a challenge? Put your knowledge to the test with this fun and entertaining 30 Mixed General Knowledge Family Quiz Questions! This quiz is perfect for family game night, a trivia night with friends, or just to test your own knowledge. With a medium difficulty level, this quiz is sure to challenge you and your family.

This quiz will test your knowledge in a variety of categories, such as Name The Year, Famous People, Geography, and Science. Test your knowledge of famous people and events throughout history, see how much you know about the world around you, and challenge yourself with some science and tech questions.

So, get your pencils ready and get to work! This quiz is sure to be a fun and entertaining way to test your knowledge. Get your family together and see who can get the most questions right! Good luck, and have fun!

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  1. The Italian term “Non mi piace” transaltes to what in English?
    • To come
    • Hello
    • I am
    • I don’t like
    The corrrect answer is “I don’t like”.
    Non mi piace is an Italian phrase meaning I don’t like. It is used to express dislike for something or someone.
  2. The English FA Cup winners in 2019 were which football team?
    • Reading
    • Swindon Town
    • Manchester United
    • Manchester City
    The correct answer is Manchester City.
    Manchester City, an English professional football team, won the 2019 FA Cup, the oldest football tournament in the world.
  3. “interims” is an anagram of which word?
    • sinister
    • banister
    • minister
    • cistern
    The correct answer is “minister”.
    Interims is an anagram of the word “minister”, which is a noun meaning a person who is in a position of authority and is responsible for governing or managing a particular area.
  4. In what year was Guy Fawkes arrested?
    • 1597
    • 1595
    • 1605
    • 1604
    The correct answer is “1605”.
    In 1605, Guy Fawkes was arrested for his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot, a failed attempt to assassinate King James I of England and overthrow the government.

  1. Which of the following countries is NOT in Europe?
    • Norway
    • Macau
    • Macedonia
    • Serbia
    The correct answer is Macau.
    Macau is an autonomous region of China located in East Asia, not in Europe.
  2. Which one of the following is a “noble” gas?
    • Butane (C4H10)
    • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
    • Xenon (Xe)
    • Methane (CH4)
    The correct answer is Xenon (Xe).
    Xenon (Xe) is a noble gas, meaning it is an element found in the atmosphere that is non-reactive and chemically inert.
  3. The Spanish term “Hola” transaltes to what in English?
    • Bad
    • Why
    • Hello
    • Garden
    The corrrect answer is “Hello”.
    Hola is a Spanish greeting that is used to say hello or hello there in English.
  4. What is the first name of this former U.S. president _________ Tyler?
    • Sidney
    • Gerald
    • John
    • James
    The correct answer is John.
    John Tyler was the 10th President of the United States, serving from 1841 to 1845.
  5. Name a 2007 movie starring Matt Damon?
    • Batman
    • The Brothers Grimm
    • The Bourne Ultimatum
    • Dolittle
    The correct answer is “The Bourne Ultimatum”.
    The Bourne Ultimatum is a 2007 action thriller starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, a former CIA assassin on the run from his former employers.
  6. Bryce Canyon National Park is located in which U.S. state?
    • Utah
    • Arkansas
    • Nevada
    • California
    The correct answer is Utah. Did you get it right?
    Bryce Canyon National Park is a protected area in the U.S. state of Utah, known for its colorful hoodoo rock formations and scenic views.
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  1. In which year was the movie “Army of One” starring Nicolas Cage released?
    • 2016
    • 2019
    • 2021
    • 2008
    The correct answer is 2016.
    The movie “Army of One” starring Nicolas Cage was released in 2016.
  2. The day March 9 falls in which week of the year?
    • 8th
    • 10th
    • 1st
    • 9th
    The asnwer is the 10th week of the year.
    March 9 falls in the 10th week of the year because weeks are numbered from the first day of the year, January 1, and each week is 7 days long.
  3. Which is the national animal of Argentina?
    • Tiger
    • Deer
    • Puma
    • Lion
    The correct answer is “Puma”.
    The Puma, also known as the cougar or mountain lion, is a large cat native to the South American continent and is recognized as the national animal of Argentina.
  4. In what country is the city of Medina located?
    • Algeria
    • Vietnam
    • Kyrgyzstan
    • Saudi Arabia
    The correct answer is Saudi Arabia.
    Medina is a major city in Saudi Arabia, located in the western part of the country.

  1. UK recording artist Lonnie Donegan had a string of hits in the 50s. He was known as the King of…?
    • Skiffle
    • Rock
    • Folk
    • Pop
    The correct answer is “Skiffle”.
    Lonnie Donegan was a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who had a string of hits in the 1950s. He is widely credited as the originator of the genre of Skiffle, a fusion of jazz, blues, folk, and country music.
  2. In which country was footballer George Best born?
    • Wales
    • Ireland
    • England
    • Scotland
    The correct answer is “Ireland”.
    George Best was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom.
  3. What is the largest wine growing area in France?
    • Champagne
    • Bordeaux
    • Burgundy
    • Provence
    The correct answer is “Bordeaux”.
    Bordeaux is the largest wine growing area in France, covering over 120,000 hectares of land and producing more than 800 million bottles of wine annually.
  4. Comedian Rodney Dangerfield was born in which year?
    • 1940
    • 1921
    • 1957
    • 1975
    The correct answer is 1921.
    Rodney Dangerfield was an American comedian and actor born in 1921 in New York City.
  5. The famous wine growing region called the “Côtes du Rhône” is in which country?
    • Spain
    • France
    • Chad
    • Argentina
    The correct answer is France. Did you get it right?
    The Côtes du Rhône is a renowned wine-producing region located in the southeastern part of France.
  1. What is the real or full name of superstar Brad Pitt?
    • Charles Bronson
    • Justin Randall Timberlake
    • Marshall Bruce Mathers III
    • William Bradley Pitt
    The correct answer is William Bradley Pitt.
    Brad Pitt is a well-known actor whose full name is William Bradley Pitt, combining his first two names.
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  1. Which one of the following words is a noun?
    • catastrophe
    • derrick
    • sheer
    • know-how
    Sheer is the noun.
    Sheer is a noun that refers to something that is thin, transparent, or absolute.
  2. Which composer wrote the famous opera “The Flying Dutchman”?
    • Vincenzo Bellini
    • Giuseppe Verdi
    • Richard Wagner
    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    The correct answer is Richard Wagner.
    Richard Wagner was a German composer, theatre director, and conductor, best known for his operas, including the famous opera “The Flying Dutchman”.
  3. In which year was the movie “The Croods” starring Nicolas Cage released?
    • 2013
    • 2009
    • 2016
    • 2012
    The correct answer is 2013.
    The Croods, a family comedy-adventure film starring Nicolas Cage, was released in 2013.
  4. Who painted the masterpiece “David”?
    • Michelangelo
    • Phil Miller
    • George Eliot
    • Pablo Picasso
    The correct answer is Michelangelo.
    Michelangelo was a renowned Renaissance artist who is most famous for painting the masterpiece ‘David’ in 1501-1504.

  1. The Spanish term “Buen día” transaltes to what in English?
    • Good day
    • Very well
    • Now
    • I am
    The corrrect answer is “Good day”.
    Buen día is a Spanish greeting that is used to express good wishes and is typically used to say “hello” or “good day” in English.
  2. What year was the first European Parliament election held using proportional representation?
    • 1977
    • 1979
    • 1965
    • 1969
    The correct answer is 1979.
    The first European Parliament election held using a proportional representation system was in 1979, allowing for a fairer representation of the population within the European Parliament.
  3. Which Victorian era word means “respect or submission”?
    • Egregious
    • Deference
    • Harbinger
    • Insipid
    The correct answer is “deference”.
    Deference is the act of showing respect or submission to another person or authority figure. It is a way of demonstrating humility and acknowledging the superiority of another.
  4. “pothos” is an anagram of which word?
    • epochs
    • photos
    • peeps
    • strops
    The correct answer is “photos”.
    An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase, and in this case, “pothos” is an anagram of “photos”.
  5. Name a 1991 movie starring Bruce Willis?
    • Mandy
    • Strangers with Candy
    • True Grit
    • The Last Boy Scout
    The correct answer is “The Last Boy Scout”.
    The Last Boy Scout is a 1991 action-comedy film starring Bruce Willis as a former Secret Service agent turned private investigator who teams up with a former professional football player to solve a mystery.
  6. In what year was the introduction of Apple’s Macintosh computer?
    • 1983
    • 1998
    • 1984
    • 1994
    The correct answer is 1984.
    Apple’s Macintosh computer was introduced in 1984, marking the beginning of the personal computer revolution.
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