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This general knowledge online quiz is sure to challenge your knowledge on a variety of topics. Questions range from current events, to geography, to science, to history, and more. It’s the perfect way to test your knowledge and have a little fun at the same time.

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  1. Who directed the 2019 movie “The Addams Family?
    • William Wyler
    • Howard Hawks
    • William Dieterle
    • Tim Burton
    The correct answer is Tim Burton.
    Tim Burton is an acclaimed director known for his unique vision and darkly humorous style, making him the perfect choice to direct the 2019 movie adaptation of The Addams Family.
  2. The chemical symbol of the element Oxygen is?
    • O
    • Ba
    • K
    • Rg
    The correct answer is “O”.
    Oxygen is a chemical element that is represented by the symbol O, which stands for its atomic number 8 on the periodic table.
  3. In which year did the US bomb Libya in response to state-sponsored terrorism?
    • 1988
    • 1986
    • 1984
    • 2007
    The correct answer is 1986.
    In 1986, the United States conducted a military operation against Libya in response to its state-sponsored terrorist activities. This operation included air strikes against several targets in Libya.
  4. The 1960’s classic movie “Breathless” starred which leading Hollywood actor?
    • Anthony Quinn
    • David Niven
    • Jean-Paul Belmondo
    • Marcello Mastroianni
    The correct answer is Jean-Paul Belmondo.
    Jean-Paul Belmondo was a French actor who starred in the 1960’s classic movie Breathless, known for his iconic role in the French New Wave cinema.

  1. Name a 2020 movie starring Mel Gibson?
    • Red Dragon
    • Fatman
    • Peggy Sue Got Married
    • In Country
    The correct answer is “Fatman”.
    Fatman is a 2020 action-comedy film starring Mel Gibson as a disgruntled Santa Claus.
  2. Who was the ninth president of the United States?
    • James Monroe
    • Benjamin Harrison
    • William Henry Harrison
    • Grover Cleveland
    The correct answer is William Henry Harrison.
    William Henry Harrison was the ninth President of the United States, taking office in 1841. He served the shortest term of any president, dying just one month after his inauguration.
  3. The famous volcano Mauna Loa is located in which country?
    • United States (Hawaii)
    • Kiribati
    • Algeria
    • Somalia
    The correct answer is United States (Hawaii).
    Mauna Loa is an active volcano located in the U.S. state of Hawaii, making it part of the United States.
  4. In what year was the Disney movie “The Emperor’s New Groove” released?
    • 1997
    • 2000
    • 1999
    • 2006
    The correct answer is 2000.
    The Emperor’s New Groove is a Disney animated film released in 2000, which follows the story of an arrogant emperor who must learn humility.
  5. Which part of the dog is unique to each individual?
    • teeth
    • paw-print
    • belly-markings
    • nose print
    The correct answer is “nose print”.
    Nose prints are unique to each dog, like a human fingerprint, and can be used to identify individual animals.
  6. Which Victorian era word means “a young, inexperienced person who is disrespectful or impudent”?
    • Lollygag
    • Ablutions
    • Genteel
    • Whippersnapper
    The correct answer is “whippersnapper”.
    A whippersnapper is a term used to describe a young person who is impertinent or disrespectful, often due to their lack of experience or naivety.
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  1. Prague is the capital of?
    • Estonia
    • Turkey
    • Greece
    • Czech Republic
    The correct answer is “Czech Republic”.
    Prague is the largest city in the Czech Republic and serves as the nation’s capital.
  2. In which year was the movie “My Left Foot” starring Daniel Day-Lewis released?
    • 1991
    • 1989
    • 1992
    • 1997
    The correct answer is 1989.
    My Left Foot, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, was released in 1989 and went on to become an Academy Award winning film.
  3. In what year was National Lampoon’s European Vacation released?
    • 1975
    • 1987
    • 1985
    • 1979
    The correct answer is 1985.
    National Lampoon’s European Vacation, the second installment of the National Lampoon’s Vacation film series, was released in 1985.
  4. What is the name of the 2011 film about Justin Bieber called?
    • Justin Bieber: Smile
    • Justin Bieber: My World
    • Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
    • Justin Bieber: Somebody to Love
    The correct answer is “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”.
    Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is a 2011 biographical concert film about the life and career of Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Bieber. It follows Bieber during the 10 days leading up to his sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden.

  1. What is the capital city of Saint Lucia?
    • Castries
    • Thimphu
    • Dakar
    • Baghdad
    The correct city is Castries.
    Castries is the capital city of Saint Lucia and is located on the northwest coast of the island. It is the largest port and city in the country and serves as a hub for the island’s financial, commercial, and cultural activities.
  2. In which year was the movie “A Night at the Roxbury” starring Will Ferrell released?
    • 1996
    • 1998
    • 1997
    • 2002
    The correct answer is 1998.
    The movie A Night at the Roxbury, starring Will Ferrell, was released in 1998. It was the first feature film based on a popular Saturday Night Live sketch.
  3. Name a 2017 movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis?
    • Matchstick Men
    • Tower Heist
    • Phantom Thread
    • The Flintstones
    The correct answer is “Phantom Thread”.
    Phantom Thread is a 2017 romantic drama film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Daniel Day-Lewis as a renowned dressmaker in 1950s London.
  4. Who released the 70’s album entitled Fragile
    • David Bowie
    • KISS
    • Van Halen
    • Yes
    The correct answer is “Yes”.
    Yes is a progressive rock band that released the album Fragile in 1971. It was the band’s fourth studio album and featured some of their most popular songs, such as “Roundabout” and “Long Distance Runaround”.
  5. Who directed the 1990 movie “La Femme Nikita?
    • Luc Besson
    • Tony Scott
    • Ernst Lubitsch
    • John McTiernan
    The correct answer is Luc Besson.
    Luc Besson is a French filmmaker and producer who directed the 1990 French action thriller film La Femme Nikita.
  1. Which silent film star was awarded a Knighthood in 1975?
    • Charlie Chaplin
    • Buster Keaton
    • Clara Bow
    • Rudolph Valentino
    The correct answer is “Charlie Chaplin”.
    Charlie Chaplin was an iconic and influential silent film star who was awarded a Knighthood in 1975 in recognition of his contribution to the film industry.
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  1. In which year was the movie “Blood Father” starring Mel Gibson released?
    • 2022
    • 2008
    • 2016
    • 2014
    The correct answer is 2016.
    The action-thriller movie “Blood Father” starring Mel Gibson was released in 2016.
  2. Which country won the 2002 FIFA World Cup?
    • Germany
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • Italy
    The correct answer is Brazil.
    Brazil won the 2002 FIFA World Cup after defeating Germany 2-0 in the final, becoming the first team to win the tournament five times.
  3. Who directed the 1995 movie “Nixon?
    • Oliver Stone
    • Francis Ford Coppola
    • Ridley Scott
    • Michael Curtiz
    The correct answer is Oliver Stone.
    Oliver Stone is an Academy Award-winning director, most known for his political thrillers. He directed the 1995 biographical drama film, “Nixon,” which starred Anthony Hopkins as President Richard Nixon.
  4. The 1960’s classic movie “Goldfinger” starred which leading Hollywood actor?
    • James Bond
    • Johnny Depp
    • Warren Beatty
    • Stanley Tucci
    The correct answer is James Bond.
    The 1960’s classic movie Goldfinger starred the iconic British actor Sean Connery in his role as the fictional secret agent James Bond.

  1. In which year did Space Shuttle Columbia make the first reusable spacecraft landing on April 14?
    • 1981
    • 1989
    • 1985
    • 1977
    The correct answer is 1981.
    Space Shuttle Columbia made its first successful landing on April 14, 1981, becoming the first reusable spacecraft to return to Earth.
  2. The famous quote “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world” is from which one of William Shakespeare’s works?
    • Fallen Angels
    • The Winter’s Tale
    • Hamlet
    • The Merchant of Venice
    The correct answer is “The Merchant of Venice”.
    This quote is spoken by Portia in Act 5, Scene 1 of William Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice, and is used to illustrate the power of an act of kindness in a world full of injustice and immorality.
  3. In which year was the movie “Billy Bathgate” starring Bruce Willis released?
    • 1994
    • 1982
    • 1991
    • 1995
    The correct answer is 1991.
    Billy Bathgate, starring Bruce Willis, was released in 1991 – the same year that Willis starred in the hit action movie Die Hard 2.
  4. The 1980’s classic movie “Caddyshack” starred which Hollywood A-lister?
    • Kevin Costner
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
    • Rodney Dangerfield
    • Tom Hanks
    The correct answer is Rodney Dangerfield.
    Rodney Dangerfield was an iconic American comedian and actor who starred in the 1980’s classic movie Caddyshack.
  5. The city of Da Nang is located in which continent?
    • South America
    • Asia
    • North America
    • Europe
    The correct answer is Asia. Did you get it right?
    Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam, located on the eastern coast of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.
  6. Trypanophobia is a fear of?
    • hospitals
    • needles or injections
    • words
    • nurses
    The correct answer is “needles or injections”.
    Trypanophobia is an intense fear of needles or injections, which often leads to a feeling of panic or dread when faced with the prospect of receiving a shot.
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  1. Who directed the 2012 movie “Prometheus?
    • Ridley Scott
    • Ernst Lubitsch
    • Vincente Minnelli
    • William Dieterle
    The correct answer is Ridley Scott.
    Ridley Scott was the director of the 2012 sci-fi movie Prometheus, a movie about a team of scientists on a mission to find the origins of human life.
  2. Yasser Arafat has been leader of the PLO since what year?
    • 1973
    • 1969
    • 1960
    • 1961
    The correct answer is “1969”.
    Yasser Arafat was elected as the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1969, a position he held until his death in 2004.
  3. What is the capital city of Singapore?
    • Seoul
    • Tripoli
    • Singapore
    • Lisbon
    The correct city is Singapore.
    Singapore is a city-state located in Southeast Asia and is considered one of the most prosperous nations in the region. It is the economic, financial, and cultural center of the region and its capital city.
  4. In what year was the Disney movie “Aladdin” released?
    • 2013
    • 1992
    • 2002
    • 1994
    The correct answer is 1992.
    Aladdin was released in 1992, the same year as the animated classic Beauty and the Beast.

  1. Mageirocophobia is a fear of?
    • school
    • close up objects
    • surgery
    • cooking
    The correct answer is “cooking”.
    Mageirocophobia is an irrational fear of the process of cooking, which can cause feelings of anxiety and panic.
  2. The 1980’s classic movie “Scarface” starred which Hollywood A-lister?
    • Uma Thurman
    • Al Pacino
    • Russell Crowe
    • Ben Affleck
    The correct answer is Al Pacino.
    Al Pacino is an iconic Hollywood A-lister best known for starring in the classic 1980s movie Scarface.
  3. The famous wine growing region called the “Tuscany” is in which country?
    • Italy
    • South Africa
    • Germany
    • China
    The correct answer is Italy. Did you get it right?
    Tuscany is a region in central Italy known for its rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves. It is one of the most popular wine-producing regions in the world.
  4. Joan Collins played who in Dynasty?
    • Alexis Coby
    • Krystle Jennings
    • Sammy Jo Dean
    • Sable Colby
    The correct answer is “Alexis Coby”.
    Joan Collins played the role of Alexis Carrington Coby, a wealthy and powerful socialite and businesswoman in the hit 1980s television series Dynasty.
  5. Monaco is the capital of?
    • France
    • Greece
    • Luxembourg
    • Monaco
    The correct answer is “Monaco”.
    Monaco is a sovereign city-state located on the French Riviera in Western Europe, and is the world’s second smallest independent nation.
  1. Warsaw is the capital of?
    • Macedonia
    • Ukraine
    • Russia
    • Poland
    The correct answer is “Poland”.
    Warsaw is the largest city and the official capital of the Republic of Poland, located in Central Europe.
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  1. Which one of the following words is a noun?
    • uninterrupted
    • reward
    • grill
    • hero
    Uninterrupted is the noun.
    Uninterrupted is a word that describes a continuous or unbroken period of time.
  2. The French langauge term “Hier” transaltes to what in English?
    • Yesterday
    • No
    • Room
    • You’re welcome
    The corrrect answer is “Yesterday”.
    The French language word “Hier” translates to “Yesterday” in English, referring to the day before the present day.
  3. What is the capital city of Switzerland?
    • St.Gallen
    • Zurich
    • Geneva
    • Bern
    The correct answer is “Bern”.
    The capital city of Switzerland is Bern, which is located in the western part of the country and is the seat of the Swiss government.
  4. In the sport of sailing a metal fitting on the deck of the boat used to secure ropes is termed as what?
    • Halyard
    • Cleat
    • Keel
    • Heel
    The correct answer is “Cleat”.
    A cleat is a metal fitting on the deck of a boat that is used to secure ropes and lines. It is typically fastened to the deck and has two or more horns which the rope can be looped around.

  1. In what year did Michael Jackson release the “Thriller” album?
    • 1988
    • 1982
    • 1975
    • 1979
    The correct answer is 1982.
    Michael Jackson released his iconic Thriller album in 1982, becoming one of the best-selling albums of all time.
  2. Who had a hit in 2003 with “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”?
    • The Vines
    • The Darkness
    • Jet
    • The Hives
    The correct answer is Jet. How did you score?
    Jet, an Australian rock band, had a hit in 2003 with their song “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”, which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart.
  3. What does the acronym AD mean?
    • Anno Domino
    • Anno Domina
    • Anno Domini
    • Anno Donnie
    The correct answer is “Anno Domini”.
    Anno Domini is a Latin phrase meaning “in the year of our Lord”, which is used to refer to the years since the birth of Jesus Christ.
  4. The FIFA World Cup sporting event takes place where and when?
    • Antartica in August
    • August every 2 years
    • December to July
    • Summer (June/July) every 4 years
    The correct answer is Summer (June/July) every 4 years.
    The FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament held every four years in the summer months of June and July.
  5. Who directed the 1968 movie “Finian’s Rainbow?
    • Orson Welles
    • William Dieterle
    • Richard Donner
    • Francis Ford Coppola
    The correct answer is Francis Ford Coppola.
    Francis Ford Coppola directed the musical fantasy-comedy film “Finian’s Rainbow” in 1968.
  6. How many furlongs is one mile?
    • Eight
    • Six
    • Four
    • Twelve
    The correct answer is “Eight”.
    One mile is equal to 8 furlongs, which is a unit of length equal to 1/8 of a mile.
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  1. In which year was the movie “Taken” starring Liam Neeson released?
    • 2010
    • 2002
    • 2008
    • 2009
    The correct answer is 2008.
    The movie “Taken” starring Liam Neeson was released in 2008 and became a box office success.
  2. North Cascades National Park is located in which U.S. state?
    • Utah
    • New Mexico
    • Hawaii
    • Washington
    The correct answer is Washington. Did you get it right?
    North Cascades National Park is located in the U.S. state of Washington, which is situated in the Pacific Northwest region of the country.
  3. In which year was the movie “The Frighteners” starring Michael J. Fox released?
    • 2000
    • 2010
    • 2005
    • 1996
    The correct answer is 1996.
    The Frighteners, a supernatural horror-comedy starring Michael J. Fox, was released in 1996.
  4. In which year was the movie “All Is Lost” starring Robert Redford released?
    • 2012
    • 2013
    • 2016
    • 2017
    The correct answer is 2013.
    The movie “All Is Lost” starring Robert Redford was released in 2013 and was critically acclaimed for its captivating story and use of minimal dialogue.
  1. In what year did the Yugoslav Wars begin with Slovenia and Croatia declaring independence?
    • 1991
    • 1989
    • 1998
    • 1987
    The correct answer is 1991.
    The Yugoslav Wars began in 1991 when Slovenia and Croatia declared independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
  2. In what year was Richard Donner’s movie “Lethal Weapon 4” released?
    • 1998
    • 2007
    • 1993
    • 2019
    The correct answer is 1998.
    Lethal Weapon 4 was released in 1998, the fourth installment in the successful Lethal Weapon franchise directed by Richard Donner.
  3. The actor Julia Roberts took a lead role in which classic 1990’s movie?
    • Independence Day
    • Seven
    • Pretty Woman
    • 12 Monkeys
    The correct answer is “Pretty Woman”. Did you get it right?
    The correct answer is Pretty Woman; it is a classic 1990’s romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts as the lead role.
  4. The 1960’s classic movie “Giant” starred which leading Hollywood actor?
    • Walter Matthau
    • Gregory Peck
    • Elizabeth Taylor
    • James Dean
    The correct answer is James Dean.
    James Dean was a leading Hollywood actor in the 1950s and 1960s, best known for his iconic roles in films such as Rebel Without a Cause and Giant.
  5. In which year was the movie “Men in Black” starring Will Smith released?
    • 1997
    • 1994
    • 2005
    • 1992
    The correct answer is 1997.
    Men in Black, starring Will Smith, was released in 1997 and became a box office hit, earning over $589 million worldwide.
  1. The city of Antalya is located in which continent?
    • Asia
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Africa
    The correct answer is Europe. Did you get it right?
    Antalya is a city located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, which is part of the continent of Europe.
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  1. In what year was the Disney movie “Fun and Fancy Free” released?
    • 1939
    • 1937
    • 1947
    • 1926
    The correct answer is 1947.
    Fun and Fancy Free was a Disney animated musical fantasy released in 1947, marking the studio’s 9th animated feature film.
  2. In which year was the movie “Wonder” starring Julia Roberts released?
    • 2010
    • 2017
    • 2019
    • 2023
    The correct answer is 2017.
    The movie Wonder, starring Julia Roberts, was released in 2017 and was a major box office success.
  3. Who released the 70’s album entitled Slayed?
    • David Bowie
    • Slade
    • Van Halen
    • Santana
    The correct answer is “Slade”.
    Slade was a British rock band active in the 1970s, best known for their hit singles “Cum On Feel the Noize” and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now”. They released the album “Slayed” in 1972.
  4. In which year did Valentina Tereshkova become the first woman in space on June 16?
    • 1963
    • 1960
    • 1959
    • 1969
    The correct answer is 1963.
    In 1963, Valentina Tereshkova made history as the first woman to travel to space aboard the Vostok 6 spacecraft, making her the first female cosmonaut.
  1. The actor Tom Cruise took a lead role in which classic 1980’s movie?
    • Top Gun
    • The Jerk
    • Beverly Hills Cop
    • Back to the Future
    The correct answer is “Top Gun”. Did you get it right?
    The correct answer is Top Gun, a classic 1980’s movie starring Tom Cruise as the lead role.
  2. What Was Charlie Rich Looking For In The 1970’s
    • The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
    • Lost Keys
    • The Holy Grail
    • His destiny
    The correct answer is “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”.
    Charlie Rich was looking for a woman who embodied beauty and grace, a woman who could be considered the most beautiful in the world.
  3. How do you write 0.5 as a fraction?
    • 1/8
    • 4/5
    • 1/3
    • 1/2
    The correct answer is 1/2.
    0.5 can be written as a fraction by dividing the numerator (the number on the top) by the denominator (the number on the bottom), creating a fraction with a numerator of 1 and a denominator of 2, which is written as 1/2.
  4. In which year was the movie “Bad Influence” starring Rob Lowe released?
    • 1988
    • 1987
    • 1980
    • 1990
    The correct answer is 1990.
    The movie “Bad Influence” starring Rob Lowe was released in 1990, marking the beginning of his successful career in Hollywood.
  5. In which year was the movie “Life Stinks” directed by Mel Brooks released?
    • 1992
    • 1977
    • 1982
    • 1991
    The correct answer is 1991.
    The movie “Life Stinks” was directed by Mel Brooks and released in 1991.
  6. The chemical symbol of the element Tantalum is?
    • Xe
    • Ta
    • B
    • Zn
    The correct answer is “Ta”.
    Tantalum’s chemical symbol is Ta, which stands for its Latin name, Tantalus.
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  1. Berkshire is a county in which part of the U.K.?
    • Wales
    • England
    • Scotland
    • Northern Ireland
    The correct answer is England.
    Berkshire is a county located in the South East of England, bordered by six other counties.
  2. What unusual word means “The peaceful feeling that comes from being indoors during a thunderstorm”?
    • Hygge
    • Unputdownable
    • Chrysalism
    • Psithurism
    The correct answer is “Chrysalism”.
    Chrysalism is a feeling of calm and serenity experienced when sheltered from a storm, such as a thunderstorm, indoors.
  3. Which character or actor did NOT appear in “The Haunting of Hill House”?
    • Hugh Crain
    • Nellie Crain
    • Pam Beesly
    • Olivia Crain
    The correct answer is Pam Beesly.
    Pam Beesly is a character from the American version of The Office, and did not appear in The Haunting of Hill House.
  4. What is the first name of this former U.S. president _________ B. Hayes?
    • James
    • George
    • Rutherford
    • Sidney
    The correct answer is Rutherford.
    Rutherford B. Hayes was the 19th President of the United States, serving from 1877 to 1881.
  1. In what year was Oliver Stone’s movie “World Trade Center” released?
    • 2012
    • 2014
    • 2001
    • 2006
    The correct answer is 2006.
    Oliver Stone’s movie World Trade Center was released in 2006, depicting a dramatized version of the events of the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001.
  2. Which continent is the largest by size?
    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Australia
    The correct answer is “Asia”.
    Asia is the largest continent by size, covering an area of 17,212,000 square miles and comprising over 60% of the Earth’s total land area.
  3. Which of the following is correct grammar?
    • They’re coming over later.
    • They is coming over later.
    • There coming over later.
    • Their coming over later.
    Answer: They’re coming over later.
    The contraction “they’re” is the correct form of the pronoun “they” and the verb “are”, meaning “they are” coming over later.
  4. The Latin term “Ex post facto” in common use means what?
    • After the fact
    • Something for something
    • The very words
    • Mode of operating
    The correct answer is “after the fact”.
    Ex post facto is a Latin phrase which translates to “after the fact” and refers to actions taken after an event has already occurred. It is often used to describe laws that retroactively criminalize behavior that was not illegal when it was committed.
  5. What is the Scrabble score for the 4-letter word “Game”?
    • 6 points
    • 7 points
    • 8 points
    • 5 points
    The correct answer is 5 points.
    Scrabble is a word game where players score points for the words they create. Each letter has a specific point value, and the total score for a 4-letter word such as “Game” would be 5 points.
  1. “finder” is an anagram of which word?
    • trend
    • blend
    • fiend
    • friend
    The correct answer is “friend”.
    An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase, and in this case, “finder” can be rearranged to spell “friend”.
Reveal Answers 71 To 80
  1. Isle of Wight is a county in which part of the U.K.?
    • England
    • Northern Ireland
    • Wales
    • Scotland
    The correct answer is England.
    The Isle of Wight is an island off the south coast of England, and is part of the county of Hampshire in the United Kingdom.
  2. Who directed the 1990 movie “Days of Thunder?
    • Tony Scott
    • Vincente Minnelli
    • David Lean
    • Francis Ford Coppola
    The correct answer is Tony Scott.
    Tony Scott was an English film director and producer who directed the 1990 movie Days of Thunder, a racing sports drama starring Tom Cruise.
  3. The James Cameron movie “The Abyss” was released in what year?
    • 1989
    • 1981
    • 1991
    • 1994
    The correct answer is 1989.
    The James Cameron movie The Abyss was released in 1989, the same year it won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.
  4. Which is the correct spelling?
    • aprctng
    • appreciationg
    • appreciating
    • appreciateng
    Appreciating is the correct spelling.
    Appreciating is the correct spelling because it is the form of the verb “appreciate” that is used when expressing gratitude or admiration.
  1. A popular dish in Spain is a dish with shrimp and garlic. What is it called?
    • pulpo a la gallega
    • gambas pil-pil
    • gambas al ajillo
    • queso con anchoas
    The correct answer is “gambas al ajillo”.
    Gambas al ajillo is a traditional Spanish dish that consists of shrimp cooked in a garlic-infused olive oil sauce. It is a popular tapas dish in Spain and is often served with crusty bread.
  2. A group of grasshoppers is known as a what?
    • A troop
    • A herd or drove
    • A cloud
    • A pack or route
    The correct answer is a cloud.
    A group of grasshoppers is known as a “cloud” because they can form large, dense swarms that resemble a cloud in the sky.
  3. A group of wild cats is known as a what?
    • A dray or scurry
    • A rhumba
    • A swarm
    • A destruction
    The correct answer is a destruction.
    A destruction is a group of wild cats that live and hunt together as a unit.
  4. In which year did the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland occur?
    • 2015
    • 2008
    • 2014
    • 2010
    The correct answer is 2010.
    The Eyjafjallajökull eruption in Iceland occurred in the year 2010, causing disruptions to air travel across Europe due to the massive ash cloud it generated.
  5. The Greek alphabet letter “Α” is named?
    • Nu
    • Alpha
    • Rho
    • Eta
    The correct answer is “Alpha”.
    Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and is used in many languages, including English, to represent the beginning of something.
  6. Which singer has won the contest more than once?
    • Willy van Hemert
    • Linda Martin
    • Johnny Logan
    • Udo Jurgens
    The correct answer is “Johnny Logan”.
    Johnny Logan is an Irish singer who has won the Eurovision Song Contest twice – in 1980 and 1987.
Reveal Answers 81 To 90
  1. Who was nick named Hanoi Jane in 1972 because of her enemy propaganda broadcasts from Vietnam?
    • Jane Mansfield
    • Jane Goodhall
    • Jane Fonda
    • Jane Birkin
    The correct answer is Jane Fonda. How did you score?
    Jane Fonda was given the nickname “Hanoi Jane” in 1972 after she made controversial enemy propaganda broadcasts from Vietnam. She was widely criticized for her actions, which were seen as unpatriotic and damaging to the US war effort.
  2. Comedian Sarah Silverman was born in which year?
    • 1964
    • 1908
    • 1962
    • 1970
    The correct answer is 1970.
    Sarah Silverman was born on December 1, 1970, making her an American comedian, actress, writer, and producer.
  3. The famous wine growing region called the “Loire Valley” is in which country?
    • New Zealand
    • Bhutan
    • Chad
    • France
    The correct answer is France. Did you get it right?
    The Loire Valley is a renowned wine-producing region located in the central-western part of France.
  4. The Spanish term “Buenas noches” transaltes to what in English?
    • Where are you from?
    • Excuse
    • Good night
    • How are you?
    The corrrect answer is “Good night”.
    Buenas noches is a Spanish phrase used as a greeting when saying goodbye in the evening, which translates to Good night in English.
  1. In which year was the movie “War Hunt” starring Robert Redford released?
    • 1962
    • 1970
    • 1965
    • 1953
    The correct answer is 1962.
    The movie War Hunt, starring Robert Redford, was released in 1962, marking the beginning of Redford’s career in Hollywood.
  2. The 1990’s hit movie “Days of Thunder” starred which Hollywood A-lister?
    • Ben Stiller
    • Martin Short
    • Matt Damon
    • Tom Cruise
    The correct answer is Tom Cruise.
    Tom Cruise is an American actor who rose to fame in the 1980s and has since become one of the most well-known A-list celebrities in Hollywood, starring in many blockbuster films such as Days of Thunder in the 1990s.
  3. In which year was the movie “Color Me Kubrick” starring John Malkovich released?
    • 2004
    • 1996
    • 2006
    • 2005
    The correct answer is 2005.
    The movie Color Me Kubrick starring John Malkovich was released in 2005, marking its debut in theatres and subsequently becoming a cult classic.
  4. Who released the 70’s album entitled Sheet Music
    • Slade
    • Aerosmith
    • The Police
    • 10cc
    The correct answer is “10cc”.
    10cc was a British rock band formed in 1972 that released the album “Sheet Music” in 1974.
  5. Which Glam rock band’s biggest hit was ‘see My Baby Jive”?
    • Roxy Music
    • Wizard
    • The Glitter Band
    • Mud
    The correct answer is “Wizard”.
    Wizard was a British Glam rock band best known for their 1973 hit single, “See My Baby Jive”.
  1. How old was Justin Bieber when he was “discovered”?
    • 8
    • 11
    • 13
    • 10
    The correct answer is “13”.
    Justin Bieber was 13 years old when he was discovered in 2008 by Scooter Braun, a talent manager, via YouTube videos of Bieber singing.
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  1. The Mariner 4 satellite was launched in what year?
    • 1977
    • 1966
    • 1964
    • 1965
    The correct answer is 1964.
    The Mariner 4 satellite was the first spacecraft to successfully perform a flyby of Mars, and was launched in 1964.
  2. Legendary rockers Bon Jovi released their studio album “These Days” in what year?
    • 2001
    • 1986
    • 1997
    • 1995
    The correct answer is 1995.
    Bon Jovi released their sixth studio album, These Days, in 1995, marking the first time the band released an album in three years.
  3. Name a 1999 movie starring Julia Roberts?
    • Norbit
    • Thelma & Louise
    • Notting Hill
    • There’s Something About Mary
    The correct answer is “Notting Hill”.
    Notting Hill is a 1999 romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
  4. Legendary movie director Robert Zemeckis directed the film “Beowulf” in what year?
    • 1999
    • 2007
    • 1998
    • 2019
    The correct answer is 2007.
    Robert Zemeckis directed the movie Beowulf in 2007, his first fully animated feature film which used motion capture technology.
  1. The city of Cairo is located in which continent?
    • Africa
    • Europe
    • North America
    • South America
    The correct answer is Africa. Did you get it right?
    Cairo is the capital of Egypt, which is located in the continent of Africa, making it the correct answer.
  2. What is the capital city of Mozambique?
    • Kiev
    • Monaco
    • San Marino
    • Maputo
    The correct city is Maputo.
    Maputo is the largest city in Mozambique and serves as the country’s economic, political, and cultural hub. It is located on the southeastern coast of Africa and is the most populous city in the nation.
  3. What is the latin name for Goldenrod?
    • Vulpes Vulpes
    • Solidago Virgaurea
    • Tagetes Erecta
    • Achillea Millefolium
    The correct answer is Solidago Virgaurea.
    Solidago Virgaurea is the scientific name for the species of flowering plant commonly referred to as Goldenrod.
  4. In which year was the movie “Ransom” starring Mel Gibson released?
    • 1996
    • 2004
    • 1997
    • 1998
    The correct answer is 1996.
    The movie “Ransom,” starring Mel Gibson, was released in 1996.
  5. Islay is an island located where in the world?
    • Scotland
    • Afghanistan
    • El Salvador
    • Canada
    The correct answer is Scotland.
    Islay is an island located off the west coast of Scotland, in the Inner Hebrides archipelago.
  6. Who was the first Major League Baseball player to hit over 600 career home runs?
    • Greg Norman
    • Lee Trevino
    • Babe Ruth
    • Hank Aaron
    The correct answer is “Babe Ruth”.
    Babe Ruth was an American professional baseball player who is widely considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of the sport. He was the first player to hit over 600 career home runs, setting a record that stood for decades.
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