John Barry Trivia Quiz – 10 Questions And Answers

Are you a fan of the legendary composer John Barry? Do you think you know everything there is to know about his life and career? If so, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with our John Barry Trivia Quiz! We have compiled 10 challenging questions that will test your knowledge of this iconic composer and his incredible body of work.

From his early days in the music industry to his numerous Academy Award-winning film scores, our quiz covers various aspects of John Barry’s illustrious career. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard admirer, this trivia quiz is a fun way to learn more about the man behind some of the most memorable film soundtracks in history.

So, are you ready to prove your expertise on John Barry? Grab a pen and paper, or gather your friends for a friendly competition, and dive into our trivia quiz. You might just discover some fascinating facts about this musical genius that you never knew before.

Good luck, and may the melodic spirit of John Barry guide you through these 10 questions and answers!

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  1. What year was John Barry born?
    • 1933
    • 1930
    • 1937
    • 1935
    The correct answer is 1933.
    John Barry was born on November 3rd, 1933, in York, England.
  2. Which James Bond film did John Barry compose the score for first?
    • Dr. No
    • Thunderball
    • Goldfinger
    • From Russia with Love
    The correct answer is From Russia with Love.
    John Barry composed the score for From Russia with Love (1963), which was his first James Bond film.
  3. How many Academy Awards did John Barry win during his career?
    • 5
    • 6
    • 4
    • 3
    The correct answer is 5.
    John Barry won five Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song.
  4. Which of these films did John Barry NOT compose the score for?
    • Lawrence of Arabia
    • Dances with Wolves
    • Out of Africa
    The correct answer is Lawrence of Arabia.
    John Barry did not compose the score for Lawrence of Arabia (1962); Maurice Jarre composed the score for that film.

  1. What was the name of John Barry’s band before he became a film composer?
    • The Barrytones
    • The John Barry Seven
    • The John Barry Orchestra
    • The Yorktown Quartet
    The correct answer is The John Barry Seven.
    The John Barry Seven was a British band formed in 1957, which helped launch Barry’s career as a composer.
  2. Which film earned John Barry his first Academy Award?
    • Born Free
    • The Lion in Winter
    • Goldfinger
    • Mary, Queen of Scots
    The correct answer is Born Free.
    John Barry won his first Academy Award for Best Original Score for Born Free (1966).
  3. Which musical instrument did John Barry primarily play?
    • Guitar
    • Piano
    • Saxophone
    • Trumpet
    The correct answer is Trumpet.
    John Barry primarily played the trumpet, which he learned during his time in the military.
  4. What was John Barry’s full name?
    • John Barry Prendergast
    • John Barry Williams
    • John Barry Johnson
    • John Barry Smith
    The correct answer is John Barry Prendergast.
    John Barry’s full name was John Barry Prendergast.
  5. For which film did John Barry win his last Academy Award?
    • Chaplin
    • The Specialist
    • Dances with Wolves
    • Indecent Proposal
    The correct answer is Dances with Wolves.
    John Barry won his last Academy Award for Best Original Score for Dances with Wolves (1990).
  6. Which of these songs did John Barry co-write for a James Bond film?
    • A View to a Kill
    • The Living Daylights
    • Goldfinger
    • Live and Let Die
    The correct answer is Goldfinger.
    John Barry co-wrote the song “Goldfinger” with lyricists Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley for the 1964 James Bond film of the same name.
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