65 Mixed General Trivia Questions And Answers For Seniors

Are you a senior with a thirst for knowledge? Do you have a knack for trivia? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This page is designed to provide you with a plethora of trivia questions and answers that will challenge your mind and keep you entertained.

The questions range from general knowledge to history to science and more. You’ll find questions related to famous people, geographical locations, famous events, and much more. With 65 questions in total, you’ll be sure to find something that piques your interest and keeps you engaged.

So, if you’re ready to test your knowledge and have a blast while doing it, then this quiz is the perfect place to start. Challenge yourself and see how many questions you can answer correctly. Good luck and have fun!

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  1. The city of Cebu City is located in which continent?
    • Europe
    • North America
    • Africa
    • Asia
    The correct answer is Asia. Did you get it right?
    Yes, Cebu City is located in the continent of Asia, which is the world’s largest continent by both population and area.
  2. Which U.S. President came after Rutherford Birchard Hayes?
    • William H. Taft
    • James A. Garfield
    • James Madison
    • Hannibal Hamlin
    The correct answer is James A. Garfield.
    James A. Garfield was the 20th President of the United States, serving from 1881 until his assassination in 1881. He succeeded Rutherford Birchard Hayes and was the first sitting member of Congress to be elected president.
  3. Legendary rock band Queen released their album “Sheer Heart Attack” in what year?
    • 1980
    • 1978
    • 1975
    • 1974
    The correct answer is 1974.
    Queen released their third studio album, Sheer Heart Attack, in 1974, becoming an instant classic and setting the bar for hard rock bands for years to come.
  4. Nosocomephobia is a fear of?
    • hospitals
    • colors
    • death
    • the night
    The correct answer is “hospitals”.
    Nosocomephobia is an intense fear of hospitals, typically caused by a traumatic experience or the fear of becoming ill.
  5. Name a 2013 movie starring Julia Roberts?
    • Neighborhood Watch
    • The House of Blue Leaves
    • August: Osage County
    • The Dead Pool
    The correct answer is “August: Osage County”.
    August: Osage County is a 2013 American drama film starring Julia Roberts, about a dysfunctional family who reunite after their patriarch has a medical emergency.
  6. What is the real or full name of superstar Taylor Swift?
    • Carl Weathers
    • Céline Marie Claudette Dion
    • Taylor Alison Swift
    • Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
    The correct answer is Taylor Alison Swift.
    Taylor Alison Swift is the full name of the singer, songwriter, and multi-award winning superstar Taylor Swift.
  7. Who painted the masterpiece “Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird”?
    • Charles Demuth
    • Mark Rothko
    • Aldous Huxley
    • Frida Kahlo
    The correct answer is Frida Kahlo.
    Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who is renowned for her self-portraits and her unique style of painting which combined elements of realism and fantasy. Her most famous painting, Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, is a powerful self-portrait that encapsulates her identity and struggles.
  8. Which one of the following words is a noun?
    • match
    • behalf
    • veto
    • unfortunate
    Unfortunate is the noun.
    Unfortunate is a person, place, thing, or idea that has had bad luck or is in a state of distress.
  9. Bellatrix is a named celestial object of what sort?
    • Constellation
    • Galaxy
    • A Star
    • Satellite
    The correct answer is A Star.
    Bellatrix is a blue-white giant star, located in the constellation of Orion and one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

  1. Derbyshire is a county in which part of the U.K.?
    • Scotland
    • Northern Ireland
    • Wales
    • England
    The correct answer is England.
    Derbyshire is a county in the East Midlands region of England, part of the United Kingdom.
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  1. Who was the fortieth president of the United States?
    • Warren G. Harding
    • Ronald Reagan
    • William J. Clinton
    • Richard Nixon
    The correct answer is Ronald Reagan.
    Ronald Reagan was the fortieth President of the United States, serving two terms from 1981 to 1989. He was a Republican politician who championed conservative policies and worked to reduce government spending and regulation.
  2. Daphne is a named celestial object of what sort?
    • Galaxy
    • Satellite
    • Moon
    • Asteroid
    The correct answer is Asteroid.
    Daphne is a small, rocky body that orbits the Sun and is classified as an asteroid.
  3. In which year was the movie “Wonder Boys” starring Robert Downey Jr released?
    • 2002
    • 2010
    • 2000
    • 1994
    The correct answer is 2000.
    The movie “Wonder Boys” starring Robert Downey Jr. was released in the year 2000.
  4. James Bond works for?
    • CIA
    • MI6
    • MI5
    • UVF
    The correct answer is “MI6”.
    James Bond is a fictional secret agent employed by the British intelligence agency MI6 (Military Intelligence, Section 6).
  5. Which chemical has the atomic number one?
    • Rhodium
    • Hydrogen
    • Gold
    • Iron
    The correct answer is Hydrogen. How did you score?
    Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant element in the universe, with an atomic number of 1, which is the number of protons in its nucleus.
  6. In which year was the movie “Jojo Rabbit” starring Scarlett Johansson released?
    • 2023
    • 2019
    • 2022
    • 2010
    The correct answer is 2019.
    The movie Jojo Rabbit, starring Scarlett Johansson, was released in 2019.
  7. “C4H10” is the chemical formula for which gas?
    • Ethane
    • Butane
    • Ozone
    • Nitrogen dioxide
    The correct answer is Butane.
    Butane is an alkane hydrocarbon gas composed of four carbon and ten hydrogen atoms, represented by the chemical formula C4H10.
  8. In what year did the first Compact Discs go on sale?
    • 1982
    • 1981
    • 2003
    • 1976
    The correct answer is 1982.
    In 1982, the first commercial Compact Discs (CDs) went on sale, marking the beginning of a new era of digital music storage and playback.
  9. The actor Tobey Maguire took a lead role in which blockbuster 2000’s movie?
    • Spider-Man
    • Moulin Rouge!
    • The Truman Show
    • Pearl Harbor
    The correct answer is “Spider-Man”. Did you get it right?
    The correct answer is Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire starred as the title character in the 2002 superhero movie, which was a major box office success and launched a successful trilogy.

  1. In which year was Magna Carta signed?
    • 1603
    • 1066
    • 1215
    • 1707
    The correct answer is “1215”.
    Magna Carta, or the Great Charter, was signed in 1215 by King John of England, establishing the principle of the rule of law.
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  1. What is the capital city of Oman?
    • Georgetown
    • Warsaw
    • Muscat
    • Banjul
    The correct city is Muscat.
    Muscat is the largest city in Oman and serves as its capital, located on the Gulf of Oman near the Arabian Peninsula.
  2. Ecophobia is a fear of?
    • clowns
    • spicy food
    • the home
    • colors
    The correct answer is “the home”.
    Ecophobia is a fear of the home environment, which can manifest as an irrational fear of being in the home or a fear of being separated from the home.
  3. In what country is the city of Philadelphia located?
    • Latvia
    • USA
    • Morocco
    • Cameroon
    The correct answer is USA.
    Philadelphia is located in the United States of America, a country located in the northern part of the Americas.
  4. Ted Hughes poet laureate died in which year?
    • 1998
    • 1982
    • 2004
    • 1991
    The correct answer is “1998”.
    Ted Hughes, the British poet and playwright, passed away in 1998 after a long and successful career as Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom.
  1. Who directed the 1955 movie “Killer’s Kiss?
    • Rouben Mamoulian
    • John Carpenter
    • Oliver Stone
    • Stanley Kubrick
    The correct answer is Stanley Kubrick.
    Stanley Kubrick was an American filmmaker who directed the 1955 film noir “Killer’s Kiss,” which tells the story of a boxer who gets involved with a woman in trouble.
  2. What is the Scrabble score for the 4-letter word “Tree”?
    • 9 points
    • 5 points
    • 4 points
    • 1 points
    The correct answer is 4 points.
    Tree is worth 4 points in Scrabble because it is a short word with a relatively common letter combination.
  3. Who directed the 2012 movie “The Master?
    • Paul Thomas Anderson
    • Oliver Stone
    • Tim Burton
    • John McTiernan
    The correct answer is Paul Thomas Anderson.
    Paul Thomas Anderson is an American filmmaker who is best known for his award-winning films such as Boogie Nights and There Will Be Blood. He directed the 2012 movie The Master, which was a critical and commercial success.
  4. Talented actor Adrien Brody won a Best Actor Academy award in the 2002 movie “The Pianist” for playing which character?
    • Władysław Szpilman
    • Jimmy Markum
    • Lt. Col. Frank Slade
    • Guido Orefice
    The correct answer is Władysław Szpilman.
    Adrien Brody won the Best Actor Academy Award in 2002 for his portrayal of Władysław Szpilman, a Jewish-Polish pianist and composer struggling to survive in Nazi-occupied Warsaw during World War II.
  5. The actor Robert Downey Jr. took a lead role in which blockbuster 2010’s movie?
    • Get Him To The Greek
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • The Imitation Game
    • Iron Man
    The correct answer is “Iron Man”. Did you get it right?
    The correct answer is Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. starred as the titular character Tony Stark in the Marvel Comics-based movie, which was a huge box office success and launched a multi-billion dollar franchise.

  1. In which year was the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” starring Robert Redford released?
    • 1976
    • 1973
    • 1969
    • 1967
    The correct answer is 1969.
    The movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, starring Robert Redford, was released in 1969. It was a western film directed by George Roy Hill and written by William Goldman.
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  1. Which one of the following words is a noun?
    • herb
    • shaky
    • veterinarian
    • beach
    Shaky is the noun.
    Shaky is a word used to describe something that is unsteady or trembling.
  2. The movie “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” was released in what year?
    • 2015
    • 2020
    • 2017
    • 2016
    The correct answer is 2017.
    The movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released in December 2017, becoming the eighth installment in the Star Wars film franchise.
  3. Name a 2006 movie starring Adam Sandler?
    • Click
    • Wild Wild West
    • How Do You Know
    • Brother Bear
    The correct answer is “Click”.
    Click is a 2006 comedy starring Adam Sandler as a workaholic architect who discovers a universal remote that allows him to pause, fast forward and rewind his life.
  4. Which one of the following words is a noun?
    • louse
    • rhinoceros
    • next
    • leg
    Next is the noun.
    Next is a word that is used to refer to something that is coming up or happening soon.
  5. “arches” is an anagram of which word?
    • march
    • search
    • perch
    • lurch
    The correct answer is “search”.
    An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase; in this case, the anagram “arches” can be rearranged to spell the word “search”.
  6. The “G Major” chord is made up of what notes?
    • B-D-F
    • E-G-B
    • F-A-C
    • G-B-D
    The correct answer is G-B-D.
    The G Major chord consists of the notes G, B, and D, which form the foundation of the G Major scale.
  7. In which year was the movie “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” starring Steve Martin released?
    • 1988
    • 1980
    • 1984
    • 1992
    The correct answer is 1988.
    The movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, starring Steve Martin, was released in 1988.
  8. Who was the Roman Emperor in 41-54 AD?
    • Nero
    • Claudius
    • Titus
    • Caligula
    The correct answer is “Claudius”.
    Claudius was the Roman Emperor from 41-54 AD, during which time he oversaw the expansion of the Roman Empire and the strengthening of its political and military power.
  9. Who provided the voice for the animated character “Pumbaa”?
    • Ernie Sabella
    • James Earl Jones
    • Robin Williams
    • Cate Blanchett
    The correct answer is Ernie Sabella.
    Ernie Sabella is an American actor and comedian who provided the voice for the beloved animated character Pumbaa in Disney’s 1994 film The Lion King.

  1. Which country won the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
    • Mexico
    • Germany
    • Argentina
    • Italy
    The correct answer is Germany.
    Germany won the 2014 FIFA World Cup by defeating Argentina 1-0 in the final match, becoming the first European team to win the tournament on South American soil.
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  1. Which composer wrote the famous opera “The Barber of Seville”?
    • Gioachino Rossini
    • Richard Wagner
    • Giacomo Puccini
    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    The correct answer is Gioachino Rossini.
    Gioachino Rossini was an Italian composer who is best known for his comic opera ‘The Barber of Seville’, which premiered in 1816 and is still performed today.
  2. The chemical symbol of the element Lanthanum is?
    • Cr
    • Lr
    • Cu
    • La
    The correct answer is “La”.
    The chemical symbol for Lanthanum is La, which is derived from its Latin name, Lanthanum.
  3. In which year was the movie “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” starring Mike Myers released?
    • 2006
    • 1999
    • 1994
    • 1997
    The correct answer is 1999.
    The movie “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” starring Mike Myers was released in 1999, becoming an instant hit and launching the successful Austin Powers franchise.
  4. Which religion is nontheistic (belief in no gods)?
    • Judaism
    • Buddhism
    • Christianity
    • Hinduism
    The correct answer is “Buddhism”.
    Buddhism is a religion that does not recognize the existence of any gods, instead focusing on the teachings of the historical Buddha and the path to enlightenment.
  1. In what country is the city of Cape Town located?
    • Malaysia
    • South Africa
    • Belize
    • Italy
    The correct answer is South Africa.
    South Africa is a country located on the southernmost tip of the African continent and is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Swaziland.
  2. The Spanish term “Bien” transaltes to what in English?
    • I like
    • Excuse me
    • Fine
    • I have
    The corrrect answer is “Fine”.
    The Spanish term Bien translates to the English word “Fine,” which is an informal way of expressing positive feelings or approval.
  3. Which of the following countries is NOT in Europe?
    • Tunisia
    • Lithuania
    • Sweden
    • Turkey
    The correct answer is Tunisia.
    Tunisia is located in Northern Africa, making it the only country among the listed options that is not located in Europe.
  4. In which year was the movie “The Proposal” starring Sandra Bullock released?
    • 2007
    • 2014
    • 2009
    • 2016
    The correct answer is 2009.
    The Proposal, a romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, was released in 2009.
  5. In what country is the city of Penang Island located?
    • Laos
    • Malaysia
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Mexico
    The correct answer is Malaysia.
    Penang Island is located in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia, a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic nation known for its beautiful beaches and friendly people.

  1. The Luc Besson movie “The Big Blue” was released in which year?
    • 1984
    • 1991
    • 1996
    • 1988
    The correct answer is 1988.
    The Big Blue, a French film directed by Luc Besson, was released in 1988 to critical acclaim.
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  1. Kings Canyon National Park is located in which U.S. state?
    • New Hampshire
    • New York
    • Mississippi
    • California
    The correct answer is California. Did you get it right?
    Kings Canyon National Park is situated in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, offering visitors a variety of outdoor recreational activities.
  2. In which year was the movie “All the President’s Men” starring Robert Redford released?
    • 1976
    • 1989
    • 1983
    • 1971
    The correct answer is 1976.
    The movie “All the President’s Men” starring Robert Redford was released in 1976, directed by Alan J. Pakula and based on the book of the same name by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward.
  3. The chemical symbol of the element Astatine is?
    • Md
    • Gd
    • At
    • Cd
    The correct answer is “At”.
    Astatine is a radioactive element, and its chemical symbol is At, which stands for its atomic name, Astatine.
  4. Paris is the capital of?
    • Spain
    • France
    • Portugal
    • Germany
    The correct answer is “France”.
    Paris is the largest city in France and has been the country’s capital since the late 18th century.
  5. The chemical symbol of the element Cadmium is?
    • Na
    • Ag
    • Cd
    • Hf
    The correct answer is “Cd”.
    Cd is the chemical symbol for the element Cadmium, which is a transition metal found in the periodic table.
  6. George H. W. Bush was the U.S. Vice President in which years?
    • 1853-1853
    • 1989-1993
    • 1929-1933
    • 1981-1989
    The correct answer is 1981-1989.
    George H. W. Bush served as the 41st Vice President of the United States from 1981 to 1989 under President Ronald Reagan.
  7. Stirling is a county in which part of the U.K.?
    • England
    • Scotland
    • Northern Ireland
    • Wales
    The correct answer is Scotland.
    Stirling is a county located in the country of Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom.
  8. In which year was the movie “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” starring Harrison Ford released?
    • 1968
    • 1998
    • 1977
    • 1975
    The correct answer is 1977.
    The movie Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, starring Harrison Ford, was released in 1977, marking the beginning of the original Star Wars trilogy.
  9. What unusual word means “Something that radiates light or has a glowing quality”?
    • Clinomania
    • Luminous
    • Verisimilitude
    • Clinquant
    The correct answer is “Luminous”.
    Luminous means having or emitting a bright light, often with a glowing quality.
  1. Which pioneer conquered the Inca Empire in South America for Spain?
    • Roald Amundsen
    • Marco Polo
    • Francisco Pizarro
    • Henry VIII
    The correct answer is Francisco Pizarro.
    Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador who led the expedition that conquered the Inca Empire in South America in the 16th century.
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  1. Channel Islands National Park is located in which U.S. state?
    • South Carolina
    • California
    • Alabama
    • Devon
    The correct is answer is California.
    The Channel Islands National Park is located off the coast of California, in the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Comedian Lewis Black was born in which year?
    • 1939
    • 1948
    • 1973
    • 1896
    The correct answer is 1948.
    Lewis Black is an American stand-up comedian and actor who was born in 1948 in Washington D.C. He is best known for his angry comedic style and his appearances on the Daily Show.
  3. The Luc Besson movie “Anna” was released in which year?
    • 2014
    • 2019
    • 2023
    • 1998
    The correct answer is 2019.
    Anna, a French-Belgian action thriller directed by Luc Besson, was released in 2019.
  4. Who developed the special theory of relativity?
    • Isaac Newton
    • Galileo Galilei
    • Brian Cox
    • Albert Einstein
    The correct answer is Albert Einstein.
    Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the special theory of relativity, a groundbreaking theory that revolutionized our understanding of space and time.
  1. Who owns a tavern in “The Simpsons”?
    • Lenny
    • Moe
    • Flanders
    • Mac Duff
    The correct answer is “Moe”.
    Moe is a bartender and owner of Moe’s Tavern, a bar in Springfield, the fictional town in which The Simpsons takes place. He is known for his gruff demeanor and his catchphrase, “What can I do you for?”
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