10 Questions And Answers Papa John’s Trivia Quiz

Are you a pizza lover? Do you think you know everything there is to know about Papa John’s? Put your knowledge to the test with our 10 Questions and Answers Papa John’s Trivia Quiz! This fun and engaging quiz is perfect for both casual fans and die-hard pizza enthusiasts alike.

From the history of the company to the ingredients that make their pizzas so delicious, our trivia quiz covers a wide range of topics. So, whether you’re a long-time customer or just someone who enjoys a good slice now and then, this quiz is sure to challenge and entertain you.

Not only will you learn some interesting facts about one of the world’s most popular pizza chains, but you’ll also have a blast doing it. Gather your friends and family, and see who comes out on top as the ultimate Papa John’s trivia master!

Ready to put your pizza prowess to the test? Grab a slice, sit back, and dive into our 10 Questions and Answers Papa John’s Trivia Quiz. Good luck, and may the best pizza fan win!

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  1. What year was Papa John’s founded?
    • 1985
    • 1983
    • 1986
    • 1984
    The correct answer is 1984.
    Papa John’s was founded on October 2, 1984, by John Schnatter.
  2. In which city was the first Papa John’s restaurant opened?
    • Jeffersonville, Indiana
    • Louisville, Kentucky
    • Indianapolis, Indiana
    • Cincinnati, Ohio
    The correct answer is Jeffersonville, Indiana.
    The first Papa John’s restaurant was opened in a broom closet in the back of his father’s tavern, Mick’s Lounge, in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
  3. What is the slogan of Papa John’s?
    • “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.”
    • “Quality You Can Taste.”
    • “The Flavor of Freshness.”
    • “A Slice Above the Rest.”
    The correct answer is “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.”
    This slogan emphasizes Papa John’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients in their pizzas.
  4. What is the name of Papa John’s founder?
    • John Schnatter
    • John Papa
    • John Johnson
    • John Smith
    The correct answer is John Schnatter.
    John Schnatter founded Papa John’s in 1984 and served as CEO until 2017.

  1. What is the name of the dipping sauce that comes with Papa John’s pizza?
    • Garlic sauce
    • Ranch sauce
    • Cheese sauce
    • Marinara sauce
    The correct answer is Garlic sauce.
    Papa John’s signature Garlic sauce is a popular dipping sauce that comes with their pizzas.
  2. Which professional sports league had Papa John’s as its official pizza sponsor from 2010 to 2017?
    • National Hockey League (NHL)
    • Major League Baseball (MLB)
    • National Football League (NFL)
    • National Basketball Association (NBA)
    The correct answer is National Football League (NFL).
    Papa John’s was the official pizza sponsor of the NFL from 2010 until the partnership ended in 2017.
  3. What is the name of Papa John’s customer rewards program?
    • Dough Dollars
    • Slice Society
    • Pizza Points
    • Papa Rewards
    The correct answer is Papa Rewards.
    Papa Rewards is a loyalty program where customers can earn points towards free pizza and other rewards.
  4. What type of crust is unique to Papa John’s?
    • Deep dish
    • Thin crust
    • Pan crust
    • Stuffed crust
    The correct answer is Pan crust.
    Papa John’s offers a unique Pan crust, which is thicker and crispier than their original crust.
  5. In 2010, Papa John’s became the first pizza chain to do what?
    • Offer online ordering nationwide
    • Launch a mobile app
    • Introduce gluten-free pizza
    • Use only organic ingredients
    The correct answer is Offer online ordering nationwide.
    In 2010, Papa John’s became the first pizza chain to offer online ordering at all of its U.S. locations.
  6. What is the name of the charity founded by Papa John’s in 2001?
    • Pizza with a Purpose
    • Papa John’s Foundation
    • Slice of Hope
    • The Dough Fund
    The correct answer is Papa John’s Foundation.
    The Papa John’s Foundation focuses on supporting communities through various charitable initiatives, including disaster relief, youth programs, and education.
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