Vikings Trivia Quiz – 15 Nordic Questions And Answers (Multiple Choice)

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the Vikings? Are you interested in the history, culture, and mythology of the Nordic people? Then this quiz is perfect for you!

This quiz contains 15 multiple-choice questions about the Vikings and their culture. You will be tested on topics such as Norse mythology, Viking society, and the Viking Age. The difficulty of the quiz is difficult, so get ready to really put your knowledge to the test!

So sharpen your pencils, get ready to think hard, and let’s see how much you know about the Vikings! Good luck!

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  1. What was the main language spoken by the Vikings?
    • Latin
    • Gaelic
    • Old English
    • Old Norse
    The correct answer is Old Norse.
    Old Norse was the language spoken by the Vikings and was used throughout Scandinavia and other Viking settlements.
  2. Which Scandinavian country did the Vikings mainly come from?
    • Denmark
    • Sweden
    • Norway
    • All of them (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden)
    The correct answer is All of them (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden).
    Vikings originated from all three Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
  3. What were the Viking’s ships called?
    • Caravels
    • Galleys
    • Triremes
    • Longships
    The correct answer is Longships.
    Longships were the primary type of ship used by the Vikings, known for their speed and flexibility in both open seas and shallow waters.
  4. Which famous Viking explorer is said to have discovered North America around the year 1000?
    • Leif Erikson
    • Harald Bluetooth
    • Erik the Red
    • Ragnar Lothbrok
    The correct answer is Leif Erikson.
    Leif Erikson is believed to have discovered North America around the year 1000, nearly 500 years before Christopher Columbus.
  5. What was the name of the Viking’s written language?
    • Alphabet
    • Runes
    • Hieroglyphics
    • Cuneiform
    The correct answer is Runes.
    Runes were the written language of the Vikings, consisting of characters that could be easily carved into stone or wood.
  6. What was the Viking’s primary weapon?
    • Spear
    • Sword
    • Bow and arrow
    • Axe
    The correct answer is Sword.
    While Vikings used a variety of weapons, the sword was the most common and highly prized among them.
  7. What was the name of the Viking’s system of government?
    • Althing
    • Hird
    • Thing
    • Jarl
    The correct answer is Thing.
    The Thing was a democratic assembly where Viking leaders and free men gathered to make decisions on matters such as disputes, laws, and trade.
  8. What was the name of the Viking’s method of navigation using the position of the sun and stars?
    • Sextant
    • Astrolabe
    • Compass
    • Sunstone
    The correct answer is Sunstone.
    Sunstones were used by the Vikings to navigate by determining the position of the sun and stars, even on cloudy days.
  9. What was the name of the Viking’s afterlife for warriors who died in battle?
    • F√≥lkvangr
    • Asgard
    • Valhalla
    • Helheim
    The correct answer is Valhalla.
    Valhalla was the afterlife for warriors who died in battle, where they would feast and fight alongside the gods.

  1. What was the name of the Viking’s social class system?
    • Hird
    • Karls
    • Jarl
    • Thrall
    The correct answer is Hird.
    The Hird was the Viking’s social class system, consisting of three main classes: Jarls (nobles), Karls (free men), and Thralls (slaves).
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  1. Which Viking king united Denmark and Norway?
    • Cnut the Great
    • Sweyn Forkbeard
    • Harald Hardrada
    • Harald Bluetooth
    The correct answer is Harald Bluetooth.
    Harald Bluetooth was the Viking king who united Denmark and Norway, converting the countries to Christianity in the process.
  2. Which Viking explorer founded the first settlement in Greenland?
    • Leif Erikson
    • Bjarni Herjolfsson
    • Thorfinn Karlsefni
    • Erik the Red
    The correct answer is Erik the Red.
    Erik the Red founded the first Viking settlement in Greenland after being exiled from Iceland.
  3. What was the name of the Viking’s religion?
    • Islam
    • Buddhism
    • Norse paganism
    • Christianity
    The correct answer is Norse paganism.
    Norse paganism was the religion practiced by the Vikings, involving a pantheon of gods such as Odin, Thor, and Freyja.
  4. What was the name of the Viking’s main form of trade?
    • Varangian Route
    • North Sea Trade
    • Silk Road
    • Amber Road
    The correct answer is Varangian Route.
    The Varangian Route was the main trade route used by the Vikings, connecting Scandinavia to the Byzantine Empire and the Middle East.
  5. What was the name of the Viking’s code of honor and conduct?
    • Althing
    • Jante Law
    • Danelaw
    • Norse law
    The correct answer is Norse law.
    Norse law was the code of honor and conduct followed by the Vikings, governing aspects such as personal behavior, disputes, and inheritance.
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